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1 Advertising Options on September 16th 2010, 2:48 am


If you are interested in advertising on LV Racer heres the pricing guide. Contact me for any more info.

• Top Page Banner - 50$ per month or 120$ per quarter
− Place a banner ad that is 690 x 75 pixels advertising your business.
− The banner will be displayed for 5-10 seconds no less than 1400 times in a 24 hour period.
− The banner can be linked directly to your website.

• Supporting Vendor - $50 per month or $120 per quarter
− Interactive forum to answer questions about services or products your business has to offer.
− You post your own specials.
− You are in charge and moderate your own forum
− Limited advertisement allowed in forum signature.
• Requirements
− You must run a professional business.
− Forum names must be professional.
− If there are numerous complaints about your business and/or customer service, you will be removed as a sponsor with no refund.

• Forum Sponsor - $20 per month or $50 per quarter
− Place a banner that is 400 x 60 pixels advertising your business on a forum of your choice.
− You cannot take a forum that is already being sponsored.

• Platinum Seller - $10 per month or 30$ per quarter
− The ability to post numerous items in our Forum “For Sale” section.
− Limited advertisement allowed in forum signature.
• Requirements
− Must not be brand new auto parts or mobile electronics. If you wish to sell these items then they must be labeled as used.
− Cannot overwhelm “For Sale” with your products or you will need to upgrade to a Supporting Vendor. It will be left up to the staff to determine if you qualify as a platinum seller.

• Gold Seller - 10$ per month or 30$ per quarter
− The ability to post numerous posts in the services section.
− Limited Advertisement allowed in the forum signature.

• LV Racer has the right to decline services to any business at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to terminate services without any notice to any business that fails to meet our advertising requirements.

• We offer month to month service or quarter to quarter service.

• Payment Options
- Cash
- Money Order
- Visa,Mastercard
- Paypal

• Prices are subject to change
- If prices change the staff will give the sponsor a 30 day notice before doing so.

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